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all things 

a new recording byThe Four Piece Quartet

Bob Meashey -Trumpet, Andy Roberts - Piano 

Steve Meashey - Bass, Dave Lazorcik - Drums

w/ Guests... Barry Wilson - Vocals  & Tom Strohman   Sax/Flute

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Recent Recordings

Reach for the Sky

Tom Strohman - Sax/Flute

Andy Roberts - Piano

Steve Meashey - Bass

John Riley - Drums

Hector Rosado - Percussion

Classic Broadway Themes for Jazz Piano Trio

Andy Roberts Trio

Andy Roberts - Piano

Michael Evangelista - Bass

Jaren Angud - Drums

Julie Keough - Guest Vocalist

Unknown (1).jpg
December Songs

Sarah Zahn

Sarah Zahn - Soprano

Andy Roberts - Piano

Available at

Merry Christmas, Darling

Mary Kate Hughes

Mary Kate Hughes - Vocals

Andy Roberts - Piano

Michael Evangelista - Bass

Jake Ritchie - Drums

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